White Chrysalis in Blue


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"AMBIENTRANCE|David J. Opdyke - Rated : A-
Seekers of deep, dark organic soundscenes ought to rush to score one of these limited-to-100-copies cd-rs from Belgium's Mystery Sea label (usually CD-RS are automatically relegated to the shorter Overview treatment, but this one is worthy of full notice...)
Ruffling notes sputter sonar-like across a simmering expanse, seemingly seeking through the light-though-oblique environs of "submerge" ; they encounter billowing clouds and occasional virulent eruptions. Sedately passing through airy veils into luxurious states of dissipation, "pierce" (7:55) does so gently. From the low rumbles of "collapse" emerge brief swirls of gusty musical colors. "infinite matter defined" (2:35) steams forth a microscopic spew from boiling subatomic oceans, their wave action vaporizing into nothingness. Other tracks emit such unearthly delights as bone-throbbing currents and tonal wraiths ("dim"), shifting sands amid mechanical undertones ("oxidize") and/or ephemeral, semi-symphonic movement ("evolution to the end")... all of the 12 tracks usually stew with some of the above.
Within wilt's white chrysalis in blue, 58 minutes of sublime isolationism and transportive abstractions of sound define their own strange, new world between your ears. Well done !"

"SoundVision|TJ Norris
Wilt is James Keeler (Adnoiseam, Organic Conversations, The Rectrix).
NOTE : White Chrysalis in Blue is limited to only 100 CDR copies.
This deep, deep dark and almost raptuorously silent disc is filled with an extreme cautious patience. Dim is the sublime subtextual inverse of a Philip Glass opera. Paced in ambiguous tones, the raw language spoken here is textured by the use of flowing post-ambient structure.
Sitting here, mesmerized, Collapse disables my musculature.
There is a rare essence to the material covered here. Keeler, who is influenced by industrial noise has brought to life the echoes of its extreme. Balanced with the filtered uncertainty of its course of action, the atmosphere is illuminated with menacing phantoms and translucent poltergeists. Evolution on the Main Sequence is the soundtrack at the end of the universe. This 12 track, hour long recording could make for an incredible film or installation soundtrack.
A complex, multilayered affair filled with endless, lush drone, saturated in atmosphere."

"DEEP LISTENINGS |Gianluigi Gasparetti
Wilt’s sea is a stormy sea, saturated with electric frequencies or underwater creatures’ whining. The moving waters are bleak and frightening, the sense of obscurity appears invincible. Rather than the minimalist rarefactions of the first two titles of this label, which had shown a more evident delicacy of shading of that Sea of Mystery, Wilt prefers a stronger, more defined, physical rather than metaphysical sound less fluctuant but more apocalyptic, undoubtedly darkness-prone. Very few concessions are granted to the listening, which confirms itself as demanding: I remember the sudden, brief, chromatic opening of ‘Collapse’ which penetrates length of extremely low frequencies just for a few seconds before leaping back into the wild waves; or dense ‘Evolution in the main sequence. As for the rest, we are in deep waters, in which the echo of atmospherical explosions and the striking of huge lightning turn out as wadded and extended, the images of a threatening, menacing, afflicted world. This is an isolationist, great album, an endless oscillation through every actual, possible world, a recap of Lull, Lustmord or Lilith’s great work."

Includes 2 page PDF.
NOTE: Due to system failure, the last three tracks of the original album have been lost.


released January 1, 2002



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